Updates for version 1.0

Hi, as bugs are reported and fixed, we'll keep this post updated. Note: the files uploaded to itch.io will be labeled with their current version. The game actually does have updating enabled (if you press shift+U from the main menu) but there's been some issues getting it working all the time with the Amazon server we have the patch files hosted on. Hitting shift+U may work if you're on Windows. If not, we'll be uploading hotfix .zip files that you can extract into your /game folder. They should overwrite the same-named files that are already there. (if you're on a Mac, to find the /game folder, you'll have to control+click the app -> click Show Package contents -> navigate to Contents/Resources/autorun/game) Hotfix files will be deleted as they become obsolete (ie: if patch 1.0b contains the same files as 1.0a).

Since Hayato's route has already been beta-tested, there shouldn't be any serious problems with it. At this point, whatever bugs that pop up are probably going to be related to the UI, which was finished and polished afterwards. Please let us know if you run into anything strange or that hinders your gameplay!

Patch notes:

  • Patch 1.0b: addresses small options bug; overlaps and replaces patch 1.0a
  • Patch 1.0a: addresses a bug that popped up when trying to view the updated version of the first CG in the gallery


Version 1.0b hotfix 825 kB
Oct 07, 2017

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