Mikio's route has been released!

Mikio's route has been released and is available for play.  Mikio's route has 5 endings and there are 7 new CGs (plus a couple variations) to find! You may also purchase Mikio's route separately.

Unfortunately, there is no patch from the previous version to this one. However, we have now implemented patching through itch.io, so from here on out if you use the itch.io app, you will be able to download patched updates instead of having to redownload the whole file every time something changes. We hope this makes it easier to play the game in the future as more of the routes are released!

Please let us know if you run into any problems or have any questions/comments. Thank you so much for your support and we hope you enjoy Mikio's route! Please keep an eye on our production diary for more updates as we continue into the Underworld routes.


Spirit Parade 2.0 (Windows) 290 MB
Version 1 Feb 09, 2018
Spirit Parade 2.0 (OSX) 275 MB
Version 1 Feb 09, 2018
Spirit Parade 2.0 (Linux) 278 MB
Version 1 Feb 09, 2018

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