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Spirit Parade is a commercial otome game with Asian mythological themes currently in development by Lettuce Waltz, aka artists Rins and Akane, and writer/programmer Lore.  Please follow our production diary or devlog here on itch.io for the latest updates!

We will be releasing the routes individually as they are completed. This will take two forms:

  • If you purchase the full game ($20 full-price), you will be able to download patches that add content to the base game as it is released. 
  • You can also purchase and play each route separately ($5 each) as a standalone game. Currently, Hayato's route and Mikio's route are available for purchase.

If you pre-ordered the game prior to October 5, 2017, you have the full version and will automatically receive all the future routes and updates. Upon completion, the full version of the game will have 5 routes/capturable characters and more than 30 different endings.

Unfortunately, voice acting for the game will be suspended for the time being. There have been some complications with scheduling and implementation and until those are worked out, none of the released routes will have voice acting. We hope to be able to patch the voicing into the game at a later date!

The demo covers the entirety of the common route and should take about an hour to play, depending on your reading speed and choices. Please note that Mikio and Diaochan do not appear in the demo. The demo is fully voiced.

Spirit Parade has been greenlit and so everyone who pre-orders the game will also be receiving a Steam key once the game is released there. Thank you so much for your support!!


The story centers on Nara (her name can be set by the player), a cynical 17-year-old girl who mostly shut herself off from the world after contracting spinal polio at a young age and becoming unable to walk. One night, a festival is going on in town. Instead of going with her family, Nara wanders off alone, not wanting to slow them down. As she goes through the various stalls, things become hazier and gradually Nara finds herself surrounded by people with ears, tails, and horns…then suddenly her clothes and wheelchair disappear! After a run-in with a rambunctious kitsune named Hayato and a scary-looking dragon officer of death named Shuye, Nara finds out that her soul has left her body and has been transported to the Spirit World, where all the demons and spirits are celebrating a month-long festival. Until the end of this festival, she won't be able to return home… Will Nara survive long enough in the Spirit World to go back in one piece? Will she be able to get over her bitterness borne from the past, or will she be engulfed in hatred and lose sight of what's truly important?


You can see a labelled character line-up here, showing all of the main cast of the game.

NARA. (voiced by Jill Harris) A resourceful, bright girl who unfortunately has suffered from spinal polio from a young age. As a child, Nara was positive and amiable, so she made friends easily and had few problems. As her spinal polio developed, however, she became overly self-conscious and paranoid. She especially hates to be pitied. While she's still kind at heart and wants to help and be useful to others, she does not expect the same in return from the world at large. Nara greatly distrusts other people and is suspicious of those who are kind to her. She operates on a one-strike policy, so once someone has wronged her she will antagonize them pretty much forever.

HAYATO. (voiced by Mark Allen Jr.) He knew the heroine when they were kids, before her polio symptoms showed. Despite being a fox demon, Hayato frequently came to the human world out of curiosity. Being young by demon standards, Hayato is rather immature. He's also used to fighting for attention from his large family. Hayato has trouble understanding that other people are different from him and is confused whenever others don't want to do things his way. In this regard, he comes off as being very self-absorbed. It's not that Hayato only cares about himself. He does want others to enjoy themselves and be comfortable in his presence, it's just that he has trouble considering things from a different point of view. Hayato prefers spending time outdoors.

SHUYE. (voiced by SungWon Cho) One of the Heibai Wuchang, Shuye assists the king of the underworld with spirits, making sure everyone is in their right place. In particular, he deals with reaping good souls. Being used to dealing with the dead—who are often unhappy with their current state—he has become very patient and stone-faced no matter what the circumstances. He is a man of routine and prefers to operate in a stable, ordered environment. As a result, he is not very good at dealing with changes or at improvising. He shies away from conflict and is often called gullible or too trusting. After living and working in the court of the dead for so long, Shuye is very knowledgeable about the court, but not very much about what lies outside it.

HAIYUE. (voiced by Howard Wang) One of the Heibai Wuchang, Haiyue is Shuye's partner and childhood friend. He is the one tasked with reaping evil souls. Unlike Shuye, Haiyue is flighty and hedonistic. He takes every excuse to skip out on work and spend time in the tea houses above ground, leaving Shuye to deal with the pile-up of work. Despite his sweet, princely smile, Haiyue spouts insulting phrases and has no qualms about manipulating people to dance in the palm of his hand. Though he's constantly taking advantage of Shuye's gentle nature, Haiyue is protective and somewhat possessive of his friend. He views the world as black and white, but considers himself as someone who deserves to enjoy it and lord over others. He's particularly vain about his feathers.

MIKIO. (voiced by River Kanoff) The older brother of Hayato, Asuka, and Sakuya. He was born from an earlier litter, so they should be showing him deference as the eldest still in the household… However, rather than being a dependable older brother, Mikio is a NEET and a drunkard, always loafing around the house and relying on Asuka and Sakuya to take care of him since he refuses to get a job. He says wise things from time to time, but spoils them by following up with a plea for money or more wine. It seems that he was not always like this, but his siblings can hardly remember a time when he was not a drain on resources. Mikio is good-humored and intelligent, but only when sober (which is hardly ever).

DIAOCHAN. (voiced by Natalie Van Sistine) Renowned as a great beauty in the Spirit World, Diaochan is one of the magistrates in the underworld. However, she has seniority over the other magistrates because of her vast information network and smooth social skills. It is nearly impossible to go against Diaochan personally or politically because of the amount of blackmail material he has accrued over the years. He is a childhood friend of Shuye and Haiyue's and they all still get along, but the other two are careful never to get on his bad side. To Diaochan, beauty is very important. She can often be found fawning over female workers of the underworld and tends to spoil them while acting harshly towards men.

SAKUYA (left, voiced by Amanda Gonzalez) and ASUKA (right, voiced by Sarah Williams) are Hayato's twin sisters who were born from the same litter as him. Despite their child-like looks, they are much wiser and more mature than he is. They insist on Hayato showing them deference as his older (by a few seconds) sisters and he has no choice but to listen, given how scary they are. He refers to both of them as "aneki". Sakuya and Asuka are in charge of the family's finances. Their family being quite large, this is something of an organizational nightmare, so the two of them have developed into rather stingy people. It's often said that they resemble yakuza loan sharks more than delicate young ladies… Be prepared to pay a lot of interest if you dare borrow from them!

While they both have similar tastes and sensibilities, Sakuya is more outgoing while Asuka is more reserved. (Sakuya insists that her twin is not shy, only doesn't like talking to people whom she considers beneath her) Asuka usually whispers insults to Sakuya, who then transmits them to the intended recipient.


Spirit Parade is a Lettuce Waltz visual novel. It is being developed using Ren'Py and will be released for Windows, Mac, and Linux with mobile systems hopefully in the future.


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Spirit Parade 2.0 (Windows) 290 MB
Version 1
Spirit Parade 2.0 (OSX) 275 MB
Version 1
Spirit Parade 2.0 (Linux) 278 MB
Version 1
Spirit Parade mini-game demo v2.3 (All Platforms) 53 MB

Download demo

Spirit Parade free demo (All platforms in one) 341 MB
Spirit Parade free demo (Windows) 325 MB
Spirit Parade free demo (Mac) 323 MB
Spirit Parade free demo (Linux) 321 MB

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Any news? 

So far, no. I just tweeted one of the developers. Let's hope I get an answer.

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So nothing, no update on itch or their blog since September. Either call it quits or let us know if you're still working on it. This is ridiculous.


I can't wait for Shuye's and Haiyue's routes.


I'm looking forward to all the routes~


Hello, to any who feel jipped, mislead, or lied to... 

This game does have romance elements. Otome is a girlxboy game, and not all otomes have kissing scenes. Now they did originally plan for a full game to be otome based, however, if you aren't careful you won't find yourself on any of their routes. Seriously, you have several endings per each character and you can easily miss the romance for these characters.

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There's a big difference between real otome and "game which does have romance elements".
Many people wouldn't buy this game if the developers were honest from the beginning.


It is a real otome, there is no real difference other then the fact others only want the kisses and good times, instead of wanting the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Then I guess, you never played a real and good otome :)


I've played plenty of otomes to know, that you can have romance, and have romance that doesn't end in a kiss.

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"Romance that doesn't end in a kiss"
In all the routes and in all the endings?
Well, I personally wouldn't call it otome.
Otome game without even one kiss in all the routes is  equivalent to a relationship where partners never kiss and never touch each other. Maybe this kind of relationship exist but it's abnormal.

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I think the description of the game should be corrected. Judging from the comments, it's not an otome game. Lettuce Walts shouldn't mislead people.


I also would like a refund. I preordered this game 2 or 3 years ago and regret doing so. This game is advertised as an otome game and it's just not. There is a romance element but it's not about romance (which is what I bought it for). I really wanted this game to be great and support the developers but I feel cheated. Please give us those who preordered the option for a refund.

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My thoughts exactly! I'm not asking for a refund but I feel somehow cheated because it's not an otome game as was promised...


Hi! ( ^ w ^ )

This game has had a particularly rough day, so I wanted to throw some positivity  at it. I understand the desire for more frequent updates, but I don't mind the super slow-burn romance. I think it's sweet, and I find our cranky MC adorable. 

I like this game. The art is beautiful, the story is compelling, the characters grow and change, and they end up as better, more fulfilled people. I can't speak for the entirety of the game, seeing as it's not finished yet, but it looks to be on track to be well worth the price to me.

Keep it up! Patience is a virtue, but perseverance is an art!


I completly agree, I really like this game too and I really don't regret the wait at all. I love the MC and I really loved the relationship developpement between her and Hayato. :) I don't think it's an obligation to have kiss scenes in an otome as long as the story is good and cute, which I find this game just adorable. :D

Will happily wait for the rest!! ^_^


I bought this game two years ago and the development has been incredibly slow, I only bought this game for Shuye but later on I found out you could buy the parts separately -.- I have also read the comments and dislike the lack of romance, this is an otome game there needs to be romance and a kiss scene would be nice. I would like  a refund as well. I might buy Shuye's route alone if I learn that Shuye has some actual romantic moments, but please give me a refund.  


Hi how do I get a refund? This game is not what I payed for and I have a feeling that this game will not be finished. Also this story is not worth $20 with no romance at all. I get that character development is important but with no romance I do not get the point of this story. Plus the mc is so self centered not nice at all. I don't get why making a character so unlikable is good for development.  Honestly this is not worth $20! I'm pissed that I payed that for a terrible story and a unlikable mc! She learns nothing but to be selfish. In Hayato's story the ending left much to be desired I mean not even a kiss! What the heck I don't get how this is a story without a proper ending? I mean he comes all the way to her world and she's just so ungrateful!

I'm sorry I tried to like this but I feel cheated! I get that their will be patches but for the $$ this is unacceptable! I feel that making a profit is important but 20$ for this I do not think is fair plus, I have no desire to read more. On top of that the only good character  doesn't even has his route finished! Anyway I do not want to be mean. I'm just so disappointed in this because in the description it sounds like a really good story but not an Otome at all. Because  their is no romance. So please refund me. I also think if I had known this game was like this I would not have purchased this either. It's seriously unfair. Thank you for listening to my opinion. 


This game does have romance, but it's difficult to get on either of their paths if you do not do the correct choices and actions. 


It's pretty easy to get on the romance path.
The main problem of the game is different.

If you mean by using a walkthrough then sure, It's pretty easy. I guess the difference between me and other otome players, is that I look for the story instead of the romance.


It's pretty easy without using the walkthrough.
I think the story is very important but if developers claim that it's an otome game then the romance is as important as the story. Unfortunately, it seems that developers didn't work enough on the romance in this game. That's why many people complain.

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I never expected that this game would have many steamy scenes but some kissing scenes wouldn't hurt. 
In the description it's written that Spirit Parade is an otome game. I personally think that an otome game without kissing scenes is weird. I don't mean that they should happen in all the routes but till now I haven't seen even one kiss. I like the story and the character development but I think romantic part of the game is very important as well. I've played Mikio's and Hayato's route but the romantic part and relationship development between them and MC were quite poor.
I'm sorry but if I knew that all the routes were going to be like this, I wouldn't buy Spirit Parade. This is a game where there is a bit of romance but I wouldn't call it an otome.


I've just played Mikio's route and there wasn't even one kiss :(  Will all the routes be like this - without kissing scenes?


Largely, Spirit Parade is more about character development than explicit romance. There's not really going to be very steamy scenes in it.


It has been almost 3 months since the production diary has been updated,  5 months for the itch.io development log, and a month since a dev has responded to a comment.  I have commented this before, in my review in for Hayato's route, but an 'official' monthly update would be nice, even if it is just "still continuing this project!" The long stretches of silence, dropping a new route, and then more silence after maybe a month or two of release is incredible unnerving. I understand delays and having to focus on work and such, but I don't understand leaving everyone in the dark about what is happening. I enjoy this game and hope to see it finished one day, but until then, I would like to know the status of the game's progress.

(I apologize if this is a bit demanding or brash, but leaving fans in the dark about progress, paying fans at that, never seems to end well. I have waited almost three years for this game, and I'm willing to wait longer, but regular updates will make it more bearable for everyone.)


Thank you for your feedback. You're completely right of course, and we're sorry to have caused any worries or inconvenience. I'm usually the one who updates our social media and I've been stretched very thin recently due to a death in the family, among other things. I'll set a reminder for myself on my calendar and try my best to keep up monthly updates like before. I understand that it's important to keep everyone updated and I'll improve on that. Again, our apologies for not being more transparent.


I've just downloaded the game. Is it normal that the voice acting is missing? And I would like to ask if you know when Haiyue's route is going to be released? He's my favorite) 

Yes, as it says in the description above:

Unfortunately, voice acting for the game will be suspended for the time being. There have been some complications with scheduling and implementation and until those are worked out, none of the released routes will have voice acting. We hope to be able to patch the voicing into the game at a later date!

We're working on Shuye's route now and Haiyue will be released sometime after that. We will have release dates once a better estimate is available, but those should be some months down the pipeline still.

Thank you for your reply!

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I'm loving the demo so far! , it's a shame i have difficulty with using itch.io's payment system because in my country it only allows credit cards, will there be a release for steam?


Yes, we will be releasing on Steam once the full game is complete. A lot is changing over there now, but as we have already passed through Greenlight, hopefully we have minimal problems getting the game up once it's done.

So I brought this game 2 years ago... and probably due t some glitch somewhere, have not received anything... no updates no nothing. Which is really upsetting to me... 

I’m sorry to hear that! Does this help?

Thank you, and now I feel like a bit of an idiot, because it never crossed my mind to do that!! Blame baby brain :)

I wanted to point out, in the mini game, I loved the little reference towards Auralee as the "Spunky Knight Wannabe"! (Or at least I think thats supposed to be her)

Purchased Mikio's route and no matter what options I select, he never shows up at all. I feel like I've tried everything but I just get premature endings :S Any help? Thanks!

Mikio's route piggybacks off of Hayato's route, so you need to get onto Hayato's route before Mikio appears. After that, you'll be on a brief "kitsune common route" and your choices will affect whether you proceed to Hayato's route or Mikio's route.

Thanks! That helped so much!! :D 


Probably silly question, but any ETA?

We don't have an ETA for Shuye's route yet. We're all actively working on it and I think beta testing should start in another month or two, but there's still art assets that need to be completed for it after that. We'll be sure to update here and on our production diary once we have set a date.

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Omg, bought the game after playing the demo - its so great! Pity that the voices aren't present in the full game yet, the acting is wonderful. 

Waiting for Haiuye so much ^.^

Also, is the 4-th CG (between Shuye and Mikio) in the game already and I missed it, or is it Daochan's intro CG and will be available later?

Thx for the great work!


Thank you for your kind words and support!

Yes, that CG is from the demo content/common route and is the trio friendship ending CG.

I wanted to ask if Mikio's memory section is working. I think I got all the endings, but I couldn't check. I'm using a mac (if there's any difference) so it just might be a problem for only macs i don't know.

Hmm... It should be working just fine! I develop the game on a Mac and I used his memory section to bug test scenes and stuff, so I can't think of why it wouldn't be working. What exactly is wrong with it?

The image stays grey and I can't click on it. I can click on the MC and Hayato's memory though, they work fine.

That's odd... Are you playing the full Spirit Parade or the Mikio standalone game? Also, just to make sure, Mikio is the next to last "button" on the Memories page, just above Diaochan.

It's the full game and yes I'm sure it's the right icon. 2nd last one

(1 edit)

Did you start a new game when you started playing Mikio's route or did you load from a save from when only Hayato's route was available? If you could, try starting a new game and getting to the end of Mikio's route day 10. Hopefully that triggers it... Unfortunately, that's really the only thing I can think of. I've examined the coding and there's nothing that should be preventing the button from being clickable. All it requires is that you've gotten to day 10 on his route (which is the very first scene).


Congrats on the second route release!

Weird paypal glitches set aside, I've downloaded it and played as soon as I could, even though I was a bit apprehensive because of how much I loved Hayato's route (I often fee guilty of doing another route if the first one had so much impact on me and the characters). But man I loved it a lot! Even more than Hayato's I think - the route and character developement was great, and the fact that Mikio is right up my alley as far as character go in visual novels did help of course. 

Well, I still hate the Good Ending 2 because I despise that kind of endings haha, but the Good Ending 1 was pure perfection. It was also nice to see a route with far more choices. While it was as easy as Hayato's, it was less straightforward. I still don't have  the courage to try and do a bad ending, but that's okay, I don't need it haha.

Aaanyway, thanks for the great route, and I can't wait for the dragons now!

Congratulations on Mikio's release, I can't wait to  play this when I get home!

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I've played Hayato's route (and have the whole game purchased, ready for updates) and man it was worth the wait! I didn't even think I'd really like Hayato, and I wasn't sure about purchasing the whole thing or waiting for the gods' routes, but I'm really glad I did purchase it after all. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would!

I'm not really in the mood to do an actual review, but well, basically, the art and music are great, and I loved the story and characters, so it's all good! 

People already commented on that before, but the character growth is beautifully done, in both Hayato and Nara. I'm amazed!

I also wanted to comment about the endings, so...

----------SPOILERS AHEAD----------

I got four endings - two premature ones, when the group first goes to the festival at the beginning and Nara get's killed, and the one a bit later where she decides she won't go with the kitsunes or Shuye, but rather manage by herself while she's in the Spirit World. Pretty standard premature endings, so nothing here to say.

After that, I got both good endings. And well, basically I HATED the second one, and I LOVED the first one (did them in this order since I figured out the main choice for that and wanted to do the one I thought I won't like first). But this is not a problem in the ending itself - it's just that the "going back home" is the thing I hate the most in fantasy stories about a character going to another world (or time period). Well, maybe second to the "it was all a dream", but oh well. And it's even worse if the world where the character went was a fantasy world (while their homeworld isn't). And EVEN worse when a magical creature from that world gets dragged with them to their non magical world. It makes me so upsed I can't even... So yeah, it's one of my pet peeves, but nothing wrong with it per se. On the other hand, the other good ending was so utterly perfect I don't even have words to describe it. Though I must admit I wouldn't be against a kiss scene at the end, but oh well, it was pretty great enough even without that. 

On a side note about the ending, can someone tell me if the normal and bad endings have CGs? I don't always do the bad endings (and hardly ever do the normal ones) in games, and it's even more unusual if they don't have CGs. But since the art is so gorgeous here, I may be tempted to try getting the other endings. I don't really know how to reach them since the choices for the good ones were pretty obvious, but I guess it's about the virtue thing / how do you get along with Hayato, so yeah, I should manage somehow.

Anyway, I had a really great time with this game, and I can't wait for the other routes!

EDIT: my paypal did the weirdest thing and it seems it cancelled my payment (yes, a couple of days after it was done). I don't know how it happened, but I'll fix that up once I get a hold of them - sorry about that


Hey I purchased this game back in 2016 and read i should get all future updates....but its still asking me to pay for Hayato's route, so do i need to pay for his route again or is there some kind of glitch?

Any clarification would be great, getting a bit stressed about this =P

I'm not the devs, but uh. If you bought it back then, you should have it accredited on your account. If you didn't have an account when you bought it, it still should have been on your account, if you used the same email for signing up and buying the game. You should also be able to  go here, which gives a much better explanation than I have, to recover your purchase or to find out what the problem is. Hope this helps!

Hey i think all you have to do is go to your purchased items and download spirit parade it won't be the demo that you get and should include Hayato's route


Hey! I really love this game! But can you guys maybe realse a walktrough with all the endings? I am missing a few and that bugs me;)


Do you guys have a walkthrough for the good endings?

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Any chance for detailed walkthrough to get all the endings? :)

When all the routes are out I'm totally interested in those harem endings ;)


Did you ever get one?

(1 edit) (+2)

I had such a hard time with Hayato's good endings (I kept picking the wrong answer in one of the beginning choices which threw off most of my playthroughs), but oh my god that was a good route. The first ending I got was the Reincarnation ending, and then I got the other bad ending, then like a never-ending stream of Hayato's normal ending before finally hitting the good endings. And man oh man, those good endings were good. I don't wanna spoil anything for anybody who might be reading this comment, but I especially liked the more evidently bittersweet quality of the good ending where she had to return to the human world. I thought it really highlighted the character development of both MC and Hayato (but especially Hayato). I dunno. It could also be because I am partial to the thought of fantastical/supernatural creatures living among humans in the human world.

On the whole, though, Good Job!! Hayato's route was great, and I can't wait for the other routes to come out :D

how many good endings did it have. I got the reincarnation one as well as the him bk on human world one but as far as they go that was it. along with me being stopped cause i was pursuing unfinished routes. help a otaku out lol XD onegai

I dunno if you still need this, but there were 2 good endings and 2 bad endings in Hayato's route, and a neutral/normal ending and another bad ending for like the general route, I think. The reincarnation ending was one of Hayato's bad endings, and the one with him in the human world was one of the good endings. You're so lucky, omg, I suffered trying to get those good endings hahaha *SPOILERS* The other bad ending happens like halfway through the month when y'all  go to the festival together. I think it was the 17th or 19th? You have to be living with him but on bad terms with each other at that point. Like, go to all his events/routes but pick the bad choices. There's another bad ending from the general route that happens while you're out in the festival area/marketplace (idk) too. I forget when that appears, but it's definitely before the 20th. To get that, don't pick any of the guys (remember when you had the choice to stay in your room all day?), and if you're forced to, choose the bad choices. It's like the inversion of the Miss Independent ending (if you've gotten that already). The 2 good endings are pretty easy to get once you get one of them, but that was the hardest part for me hahaha. Basically, if you reach the point near the end of the month where you and Hayato start talking about reconciling with your family, you're on the right track. Whether you choose to reconcile or not, you'll get one of the good endings. *END SPOILERS* 

Thanks!!! Super helpful! Sorry you had to struggle but because of your sacrifice we can all play with limited blind spots. Good job comrade!

When you buy a game 2 years ago and weren't registered so now itchio wont even send you the damn email to play a game. I'm not mad at the devs I'm just frustrated. 

Hmm you shouldn’t need an itch.io account to download the game. Did you already try the instructions on this page?

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I hope it's not too early but Does anybody know how to get the Bad Ending 1 for Hayato?

Hi, we addressed this very question in a dev blog post! Hope that helps!


I'm happy there has been some progress! I bought the game maybe a little over two years ago, and I'm truly happy to see an update on the game and creators, as well Hayato's route. I believe I'm half way through, on my first playthrough. But where I'm at, its 1 am, so I'm gonna probably sleep soon. I look forward to the rest of the game! I'll be sure to write a review of Hayato's route as a reply to this comment once I'm done.

(Also to anyone who may ever decided to make any type of game, small updates with little new information are a million times better no updates. Take it from someone who has backed a handful of games, both on itch.io and kickstarter. Gives the people who have supported it in anyway a little peace of mind.)

I finished all of Hayato's route and the common route, up to where it branches off for the other! It was enjoyable and I found very few problems, but I'm going to get to before my more detailed opinion on the game. 

Starting off, the only thing that really stood out during Hayato's route was Bad End 1. I had MC's name set to something different from Nara, but after MC faints, Hayato refers to her as Nara. In the common route, while paying more attention to Shuye and Haiyue, there are a few instances of repeated text, as if someone was changed text but forgot to delete what was there before. The part that was most memorable was when Shuye and Haiyue are explaining why they are there. Other than those, I didn't find many problems.

[Spoiler warning, just in case] I found Hayato's route a great balance between serious and lighthearted. The one thing I truly distressed over was the Spring Scene™, as I've been calling it these past few days. Its an important-ish scene, but oh boy, I get secondhand embarrassment really bad, so bad in this situation that I dreaded playing the game again. I sincerely hope that I only have to encounter such embarrassment again when playing Mikio's route, but of course, you're the creators, and I'll play whatever it is you put out. Besides that, the humor was good as well as the pacing, and the understanding that develops between Hayato and MC during the good ends and normal end seems realistic to me. Also that glimpse of Mikio during Bad End 2 was... interesting to say the least. I look forward to the release of his route.

I doubt I'll have much to add until the other routes are released, but I hope my review helps in some way.

(Also does the minigame really affect the story? I got a perfect run on it the first time around, so I didn't bother to redo it. Also it was cool seeing Auralee in it! But I haven't' a clue who the Smooth Gentleman and Elegant Soldier are, sadly.)

Hi guys, 

I hate to complain, but I've been having problems when trying to save the game with mac. I just downloaded the newest release (1.0b), and I still get the error "an exception has occured" etc. 

I haven't found any other issues, but the lack of save ability.

Other than that the game has been super cute and funny so far. 

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Hi, could you describe the problem in a bit more detail? You get an error every time you try to save, or when you load? Where in the game are you saving/loading? And if you could, could you take a screenshot of the error that pops up? Because I use a Mac and I can't seem to find any issues with saving or loading in the latest version... I'm sorry for the trouble you're having!

- Lore

edit: Also, is the error occurring when you try to load a save file from a version before 1.0b?

Ok, so this morning I decided to give it one more try and deleted the game and redownloaded it, and it now seems to be working fine. Sorry to waste your time.   

I can't imagine what the issue could have been... With the first game version I couldn't even get to the save screen, it just immediately threw up that error page. Then the second one I tried would get as far as the save page, but have the error when I tried to actually save it. I dunno, maybe my laptop was having a little quirk. 

Anyway, it's working fine now. Thank you for trying to help!

That’s bizarre! I suppose it could be that your first download  as corrupted somehow... I’ve never seen an error like that, even in beta testing. Anyway, I’m glad it’s working now! Please enjoy the game and let us know if you run into any other issues!

Hi, I was just wondering if there is still going to be a Steam release? 

I know that Steam got rid of their Greenlight thing, and so I was just wondering what will happen to this game??

Thank you~!

At the moment, we are only planning to do this gradual route by route release through itch.io. Steam does have a special Alpha release model, but we're not sure that it's a good fit for what we're doing. Since only Spirit Parade proper has been greenlit, we're also not sure we'd be able to release all the standalone routes on Steam without delays, especially with all of the new changes. We definitely plan to release the full game on Steam once everything is done and will let everyone know if we are able to release it sooner or if this status changes!

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Quick update for everyone viewing this page: 

It turns out that using the Dropbox uploader to upload the game caused the .zip files to get corrupted. So if you downloaded the game earlier today, you probably couldn't unzip it or at least one of the .rpa files was corrupted. :( We're so sorry about that!

Right now I'm manually uploading the files to prevent file corruption, but my internet speed is kind of so-so and it's taking a bit. I didn't realize that re-uploading would cause the original files to get taken down, but I guess that's for the best since the files are corrupted anyway? D: I will send out an announcement once the files are back up and everything is working as it should! Don't fret if you don't see your pre-order files. If you can still download the Spirit Parade mini-game demo v2.3, you should still be good to go once the regular game files are back up.

- Lore

edit (12:23AM CST): The files have all been re-uploaded and we've had the files/downloads tested once more. It seems like everything's in working order now, so it really was just an issue with the uploader corrupting the files. I didn't have to recompile and everything seems to be in working order. We're so sorry for the trouble and delay. Please re-download the game and enjoy!


right now it seems everything its fine, just that the voice acting is missing, but not that i complain, i'm actually fine without it, so again thanks you so much guys, i know it wasn't easy, but you made good on you're promise, and i couldn't be more happy about it.


As we announced earlier, voice acting is going to be put on hold for the time being due to scheduling and coordination conflicts. So the game proper will not have any voice acting for now. You can still download the fully voiced demo to play through the common route voiced if you're itching to hear them again, but that will be all for now.

Aaaaa thank you so much for your support!! The files have been reuploaded and confirmed to work properly with no more file corruption, so hopefully that's the end of all the trouble! We're going to continue to work hard on the rest of the routes and do our best to live up to everyone's expectations.

Hi I purchased this game a long time ago. And now that Hayato's route is out,  I cant download it?

i second this!!! i preordered the game two years ago and there isn't any download link available for me. i had itch.io send me a invoice of all my available purchases, and while it shows spirit parade it only shows the bigger demo version download link, not hayato's route. any help would be appreciated!

I think they took the download down because the file was corrupt. They said they'll probably need to recompile the game, so they'll reupload a fixed version later. 

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hope it can be resolved soon, i really waited a lot for this game to come. and i think i can wait a little more.

The download for Hayato's route was available earlier, I downloaded it. But it seems like something was wrong, because I got an error when I tried to unzip the files, and then the game wouldn't open. So I'm guessing they pulled the download to fix it.

ah thank you guys for responding!! i... wish they made a update about why they temporarily took it down so first-viewers like me wouldn't be confused by the ordeal. a bummer, but considering we waited two years for any content in general i can wait longer haha.


Hi, we're so sorry for the trouble! It turns out that using the Dropbox uploader to upload the game caused the .zip files to get corrupted. Right now I'm manually uploading the files to prevent file corruption, but my internet speed is kind of so-so and it's taking a bit. I didn't realize that re-uploading would cause the original files to get taken down, but I guess that's for the best since the files are corrupted anyway? D: I will send out an announcement once the files are back up and everything is working as it should!

- Lore

thanks you so much, and hopefully, we didn't add some unnecessary pressure on you guys.

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